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Since 1982, FASEB has worked hand-in-hand with scientists to organize conferences for experimental biologists. The SRC conference series are designed to be held in unique destinations specialized in hosting small groups of science professionals, who meet closely and without distractions to explore new approaches to research areas undergoing rapid scientific change.

As FASEB prepares for the 2013 Conference Series, we would like to let you in on some new changes for 2013.

FASEB Science Research Conferences are now year-round!  In 2012, FASEB changed the title of the conference series from “Summer Research Conferences” to “Science Research Conferences.” This year, FASEB SRC is encouraging the promotion of the FASEB SRC series as year-round opportunities to educate, network and lead sessions at our conferences.

The Navigation bar on the left side of the webpage is organized differently this year.  These changes will help visitors navigate more effectively through the SRC website, finding information more quickly.

New benefits for potential sponsors are now available for 2013. Visit our Sponsorship webpage.

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